Photo by Kerry Constantino

Artist in residence program

We are now accepting applications for artist residences for fall 2017 and spring 2018. Residences are one week long and include weekday studio hours before 3pm, one low-tech studio performance-in-progress production (clip lights), with the requirement of teaching one community class in our Moving Target Sunday class series. Housing arrangements ::might:: be available for up to two people, however we are still working out the details.  

Our facility is a 2,000 square foot open studio located on the ocean, and just 1 mile outside of downtown Portland, Maine, a thriving yet quaint city in New England. 

We are looking for artists who are pushing the boundaries of performance practices. We appreciate interdisciplinary work that fosters interaction with audience members and expands ideas of what dance can be/do. We value somatics, improvisation, social justice, feminism, and community. Special consideration will be made for artists of color, women-identified or femme-identified artists, LGBTQ artists, and Maine residents.

Lead Artist Name *
Lead Artist Name
We have limited/minimal technology and lighting. Please let us know what your needs are.
Please be specific!
We have a limited # of AIR slots available. If you are not chosen to be an AIR this year, would you still be interested in teaching a Moving Target Sunday class?