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Weekend Intensive at The Living Room: Contact & Composition

Weekend Intensive at The Living Room:
One Day of Contact Improvisation with Rachel Schwartz
One Day of Composition & Technique with Scott McPheeters

Immerse yourself in artistic process and physically nourishing training all weekend at the Living Room! Dive deep with two accomplished artists to broaden your capacity for dynamic, nuanced dancing. Sign up for one or both workshops.

$200 for the whole weekend (early bird rate: $160)
$125 for each day (early bird rate $80)
Early bird Deadline: May 25, 2018
FINAL day to register: June 15, 2018

Workshop Descriptions

EMBRACING THE UNKNOWN: A Contact Improvisation Workshop with Rachel Schwartz
Saturday, June 23, 2018
10:30am-5pm (with 1.5 hours for lunch)

In this workshop, we will cultivate our attention and listening skills to create thoughtful composition, intentional choice making, and engaged connections. We will focus our senses inward, and expand our sensations outward. We will dance in duets, trios, larger groups, and as soloists. We will build trust for ourselves as well as our dance partners. We will say no, and we will say yes. We will offer, and we will receive. We will maintain curiosity, and we will explore possibilities. We will embrace the unknown.

Sunday June 24, 2018
10:30am-5pm (with 1.5 hours for lunch)

How can we dance our truths and claim the space we need while also honoring and accommodating the actions and impulses of those around us? In what moments do you require support and when are you most able to give it? Can performance that includes elements of self care and indulgence hold the attention of an audience? In this composition workshop, we will practice listening to and “performing” within our somatic capacities at any given moment: taking space, giving support, receiving support, embracing synchronicity, working in isolation… Can the variations in our emotional and physical rhythms provide a performative container that holds tension and, therefore, captures attention?

About the Teachers

Rachel Schwartz has been studying dance for over 30 years, including Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Axis Syllabus, and Contact Improvisation. She has studied CI with world renowned teachers, including Nancy Stark Smith, Ray Chung, Karen Nelson, and Kirstie Simson. She spent 2 years at Earthdance, an improvisational dance retreat center in the Berkshires, and currently teaches in Maine with guest appearances throughout New England.

Scott McPheeters is a Philadelphia-based performer, choreographer, and educator. He co-directs dance and video installation company, subcircle (, is the resident choreographer for Enchantment Theatre Company, and performs regularly with Nichole Canuso Dance Company and his duet partner, Gina Hoch-Stall. He is an adjunct faculty member of the Temple University dance department and, in January, he joined an MFA program in Interdisciplinary Arts at Sierra Nevada College.