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Through improvisational activities and set phrases, students will expand their range of motion and creative voice. Utilizing contemporary techniques, students will build somatic awareness to dance safely and dynamically. Rather than focusing on any one dance vocabulary, this Creative Movement class draws from many lineages in order to explore diverse ways of moving on the floor, in the air, in contact, and upside down.

About the teacher

Kerry Constantino has been a dancer and choreographer for over 15 years based in Laban-Bartenieff Studies, Evans technique, improvisation, and yoga.   Kerry places a great emphasis on facilitating students to find their own range and personal expression through movement and staying true to each individuals' own "voice" as a dancer.  Kerry loves teaching creative movement and dance to kids, who are all natural movers, composers, and storytellers.  She challenges them to make choices, build kinesthetic awareness, and let their unique personalities shine.