performance opportunities

At The Living Room, we curate and present 1-2 performance nights each season inspired by AUNTS and SALTA formats in which dancers, performance artists, musicians, etc, create overlapping performance throughout the space, the result of which is unpredictable and quite often extraordinary.

If you are a performing artist (theatre, music, dance, installation, circus, performance art, etc) and are interested in participating, please send an email describing your work along with videos and/or photographs showing your work. Please share why this format interests you as an artist. 

People of color, queer folks, immigrants, feminists, and racial justice activists are strongly encouraged to apply. In general, we look for work that is experimental and innovative in nature and underrepresented in the Greater Portland arts scene. Artists who engage with the audience in inventive ways will be given special consideration, and if chosen, will work with curators to coordinate the delivery.

Money. Because we are still developing our financial stability, we are currently unable to make any monetary commitments (beyond rent & heat) and therefore we ask performers to donate their time in exchange for exposure, the opportunity to perform, and the chance to support The Living Room community. We can sometimes offer a small stipend of $25-50 for those traveling from afar.  Because we ask audience members for a suggested donation, event income is unpredictable and door profit spread out among 10+ acts amounts to very minimal compensation. Our approach, instead, is to work on building financial stability at The Living Room so that we can offer our artists payment in the foreseeable future. 

Past artists have included: Rachel Boggia, Hi Tiger, Id M Theftable, and Chani Bockwinkel.

All inquiries should go to: