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(show) AIR Performance: Nicole Antonette & Hi Tiger

The Living Room is proud to present an evening of performance from Artists in Residence Nicole Antonette and Hi Tiger. $5-10 suggested donation.


Wide Awake
performance piece by Nicole Antonette
Wide Awake is a mixture of mystery and truth. It tells the stories of parenthood, freedom, black love and the conception of multifaceted human beings.

Hi Tiger performance
Personal agency like watercolor, an event like a painting. Is it a dance party? Is it a show? A photo shoot?


Hi Tiger is a group of performing and visual artists, music producers and instrumentalists. Performances are directed by Derek Jackson (lyrics / vocals) and include fierceness by Amandaconda & Nicole Antonette, with lighting design and sculpture by PSBL. Hi Tiger performs live vocals and choreography with musical accompaniment produced by a growing roster of beat makers and musicians including Taylor Vesey aka SWIM, Chris DiRocco, James Paul Cooper, Jacob Pitcher, Remy Brecht, 32 French, Sam Lee and Jack Reynolds.

Hi Tiger's current work is inspired by science fiction, 90's advertising, queer culture, brown skin, blonde tips and current production trends in popular music. We incorporate contemporary performance techniques and stage design to create a context for sharing our synaesthetic responses to music.

A 2017 recipient of the Kindling Fund through SPACE Gallery, Hi Tiger has been featured in performances at Institute of Contemporary Art (Portland, Maine) for the exhibition Tinderbox, Brooklyn Academy of Music for EVERYBOOTY / NYC, LePetit Versailles (for the exhibition NOT OVER: 25 years of Visual AIDS), Spectrum (New York), and Portland Pride (Maine).