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(show) Vanessa & YES: Meghan Frederick AIR performance & talk-back

Meghan Frederick explores two new solos: ‘Vanessa’ and ‘YES.’

‘Vanessa’ explores the image of the half-female monster/witch body as a character, a solo, and original occurrence. It highlights the body as a ‘strange’ body in and of itself, rather than drawing attention to what this body can enact or represent as a ‘dancing’ body. It is slow, meticulous, and awkward.

'YES' is a quiet solo. It seeks to place the dancer always in the unfolding present and uses simple directives to cultivate presence, desire and choice. Inside of these directives the dancer's unique relationships to 'technique', 'training', and ‘style’ are revealed but not judged. We begin to see her as an ultimately unique ‘dancing body’ with the power to choose when and how she dances.

Talk back conversation moderated by Vanessa Anspaugh.

$5-10 sliding scale