Scott McPheeters to teach the final Moving Target Portland class of 2017

Scott McPheeters of Philadelphia who enchanted audiences in Portland this summer with his performance with Subcircle, "Hold Still While I Figure This Out" will teach on Sunday, Dec 17 from 1-3pm.

Class Description:
All movement exists within an action/reaction paradigm. Similar to the way in which humans must first inhale before speaking, we must first push into the floor in order to move away from it. My technique class builds from the ground up, uses both improvisation and phrase material, and works to encounter release, softness, weight, and integration as a result of effortful engagement.

$8-16 sliding scale
Carpool available from Portland!
Text 207-219-0962 to get a ride

BIO: Scott McPheeters is a Philadelphia-based performer, choreographer, and educator. He co-directs dance and video installation company, subcircle (, is the resident choreographer for Enchantment Theatre Company, and performs regularly with Nichole Canuso Dance Company and his duet partner, Gina Hoch-Stall. He is an adjunct faculty member of the Temple University dance department and, in January, will be starting an MFA program in Interdisciplinary Arts at Sierra Nevada College.

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