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(class) Moving Target Portland: Sofia Engelman & Em Papineau

This is a postmodern/contemporary movement class that revolves around dancing with other bodies. Working improvisationally and with set material, in close proximity and from afar, we find synchronicity, contradiction, and softness. Through a queer lens, we reimagine existing dance frameworks and techniques for moving with others. How can we disrupt them? How can we make this a mess?...We will touch each other, perform for each other, aim for specificity and succeed at failing. All genders, abilities, and levels of experience will be welcomed.

$8-16 sliding scale

Em Papineau and Sofia Engelman are dance artists based in New England, studying at Smith College. Their partnership centers around studying/researching/exploring/investigating duet forms, queerness, mess, and work with objects and text. Their first work, “Where the air is light and clear,” was presented at ACDA and is a study of queer love, being seen, athleticism, and sameness. Em and Sofia have both studied with Heidi Henderson, Shayla-Vie Jenkins, Chris Aiken, and Karl Rogers, and are interns at Contact Quarterly. Em has performed in works by choreographers including Dante Brown, Shakia Johnson, Chris Aiken, and Meredith Lyons, and has shown work at the Bates Dance Festival, Smith College, Casco Bay Movers, and the Franco-American Heritage Center. Sofia has shown solo works at venues such as Ponderosa, ICA/Boston, School of Contemporary Dance and Thought, and Bates Dance Festival, and performed in the work of Lauren Simpson, Angie Hauser and Chris Aiken, and Michael Figueroa. The pair look forward to continuing to build a joint body of work.