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(show) Where the air is light & clear: AIR Sofia & Em performance + talkback

Come out and see what Artists in Residence Sofia Engleman and Em Papineau have been working on!

“Where the air is light and clear” is a short yet highly athletic duet. Within a queer, romantic frame, the work focuses on physicality. The physicality of two similar bodies...or at least two bodies often read similarly. The performers go for a ride, following and interrupting momentum, finding space together and apart.

In postmodern movement practices, traditionally, one of the ways the body is neutralized is that it is desexualized. While embracing awkwardness, oddities, and a sense of anatomy and physics, our sexy pomo dancing practice welcomes sexuality through incorporating hip movements, isolations and undulations, musicality, gesture and facial expression, and other ways of engaging with one’s sexual solo body.