Owen Prum teaches Sunday Oct 22

In this class we will weave between different conditions of movement and observe what our bodies become in these different scenarios. The class will be largely improvisational, as we will work to make the ground as unstable as possible, in constant attention to wavering, oscillating, and vibrating. There will also be specific prompts. Such as : what was is it like to be a soldier in Napoleon’s army or what is it to pet a dog or tell a lie. In these actions and conjuring's, we will lead ourselves through a space, where the fictitious and performative become both the very real and intimate, pushing the limitations of what a room can be and extend toward through our movement.

Owen Prum is a dancer and choreographer based in New York City. He has worked and performed with various artists and choreographers including Min Oh, Trisha Brown Dance Company, Donald C. Shorter Jr and Richard Licha. He recently graduated this past spring from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Dance.

Sunday Oct 22, 2017
$8-16 sliding scale

408 Team