Moving Target Portland kicks off its Fall season with guest teacher Rachel Boggia

Moving Target Portland is back! With a different guest teacher every week and a new $8-16 sliding scale fee structure. Intended to be challenging for professional and aspiring dance artists, all levels of dancers are welcome and encouraged to attend. Take advantage of these opportunities to build community, gather seeds for new work, and enjoy dancing together!

Class description from Rachel Boggia:
In this postmodern technique class, I will provide a structure for you to explore your body in movement. We will range between simplicity and complexity, the personal and the social, choreography and improvisation, you exploring your own interests and you doing what I say when I say. We will move quite a lot- starting from a soft place on the floor and building through standing exercises, stretches, moving through space and a final exploration that combines choreography and improvisation. My approach is informed by my students, my own dance and yoga practice and some of my favorite teachers: Lisa Race, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Paul Matteson, Kendra Portier, and Nancy Stark Smith.

Rachel Boggia loves dance and uses it to learn about everything. Her creative research is in performance, multidisciplinary collaboration, dance documentaries and mediated performance. Current projects include a Foreword/Afterword (an improvisational performance score developed with Annie Kloppenberg and Meredith Lyons), Meta-academy (an experiment in embodied online learning) and performance collaborations with Lisa Race, Annie Kloppenberg, Kendra Portier, and Iddrisu Saaka. She has performed in works by Headlong Dance Theater, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Risa Jaroslow, Vanessa Justice, Marlon Barrios Solano, and Karl Rogers, among others. She is honored to be an Associate Professor and the Director of Dance at Bates College. She has also served on the faculty at The Bates Dance Festival, Wesleyan University, Dickinson College, and The Ohio State University.

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