Philly artist Asimina Chremos to teach "Free Improvisation" at Moving Target Portland on 9/24

Asimina Chremos from Philadephia to teach "Free Improvisation" at Moving Target Portland on Sunday, Sept 24, 2017 at 1pm. Here is more from Asimina below:

Old Reliable in the Abyss

Free improvisation is a curious form of art: Without a score or any rules or instructions, performers step into space and time and proceed. It is a genre that can reach the highest highs of transformative communion and the cringe-worthiest lows of self-conscious drivel—it is also a workable, practice-able realm of exploration that leads to the refinement of idiosyncratic skills, unique forms of expression, communication that goes beyond socially-sanctioned structures, and a felt understanding of being part of something bigger than ourselves. In this workshop we will contend with a terrifying problem of free improvisation practice, which is that we have no idea what comes next and people are watching us. It's OK, we can learn that there are certain trust-able factors upon which we can rely and which will lead us like friendly guides through unknown territory as we share our delight in the unexpected. This workshop is open to experienced trained dancers who would like to go deeper with their improvisation practice as well as any curious individuals who would like to explore performance improvisation as a creative life philosophy. 

Asimina Chremos is the daughter of one Greek and one Anglo-American parent and currently lives in Philadelphia where she has spent the majority of her life-years. Her current movement studies include Contemplative Dance Practice (as defined by Barbara Dilley) and the martial art of Aikido. As a young girl and teenager Chremos practiced and performed ballet very intensively. In between those things she studied modern dance techniques, contact improvisation, and created works of feminist performance art. Now 51 years old, her performance work is rooted in the practice of dance improvisation and explores many concerns including the aesthetics of the body, femaleness, conflict, invisibility, power, dissolution of forms, physical sensitivity and awareness, and the problems of defining what an artist is or how an artist's life is supported. As a workshop facilitator/teacher Chremos values the uniqueness of each participant and welcomes all levels of life and art experience. She leads improvisationally and tailors each workshop experience to the particular group that is present. 

$8-16 sliding scale

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